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The Wedding (1 Viewer)

I don't know what the copy on eBay will eventually sell for, but I can assure you that the copy on abebooks for $4,725 will be there for many years to come. It is a vanity item that I'm not sure is worth half that amount.
I saw a copy at Baroque books in the early 90's.
You hit the nail on the head with the word VANITY.
The copy I saw was selling for around $800 at the time.
The copy for $4725 is to put it simply; insane. You'd really WANT to have a copy, and have a LARGE disposable income...
I'm horrible with money, and I have this 'confusion' that PAYPAL is 'free'...! So ever since you introduced/mentioned the service I bid more 'freely' (i.e. Stupid). If I won a book for $500, be a bit of a wake-up! Although, $500 would be a GREAT deal...
Any predictions on the final SALE of THE WEDDING?
I am predicting $975

In this market, I say lower. I'm not sure of the real value of this book. Someone mebtioned $4750 on abe. That, of course, is really painfully overpriced. Fogel lists it at $1000, but that is probably low. Then it is a buyer's market.... I would not pay $975 for it (Actually, I would, but CAN'T)....

I agree, I'd pay $1000 for WEDDING, but can't afford it, it would not be a WISE move on my part...
I wouldn't have minded picking it up for $450-500.
the thing is
we are here
we are all just here

it's kind of aburd
but you understand me
you get me

despite the million
file o fax memories
you get me

all those treasures
of nostaglia and anger and bitter sweet
have us here in the hands - so to speak

yep....alive we are
shake my hand
...just this once mjp
I have this 'confusion' that PAYPAL is 'free'...!

Woah! Paypal is FREE? Now I can get that copy of IT CATCHES to replace the one I so stupidly sold in the 80s. It'll be like Christmas, but I'll be both Santa AND the kid who wants the pony. Why didn't Bill tell me about this?

My wife already knew that all credit is free. That's been her premise for years. She just didn't want me to know about it, or I might overdo things. But now that the secret is out, I'll be bidding against theeffects on all those highend rarities. Why should he get them all? I got credit cards, too! I have money, I just haven't earned it yet so it can transfer to the card companies. And that interest they charge is a sweet deal. I always feel good about that: it's the minumum payment, and doesn't cost me a thing!
and you even have drive-in ATMs (is that the right name?) to get all the money you want anytime you want without being charged a single dime :D

thank God we don't have them over here ;)

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