The weirdest f-n post ever seen on a forum: (2 Viewers)

Not this one I write here, oh no, but the one I am going to quote. I mean, what in the hell do you say to this:

I met gabriel once, i see st mic-ha-el most often, he has a flaming blue sword of light and when you connect with his energy it heals you and gives protection. Its so beautiful, feeling ths brilliant ultra violet light just run through each of your charkras into the body!!
what else, the most beautiful lights imaginable, light which dosent even exist here, imagine the most beautiful light shows you ever experienced, thats something like my experiences of heaven.
think of any experience of god in the bible, its always god comes in light from heaven i.e st paul, they dont just say that randomly, people do actually see the light, it blows your fear away.
i dont fear tlking about speaking what i was told to accept.

I really don't know if I should reply or not...
hooboy. that's nothing. you should go hang out on a few of the 'pagan' boards i used to lurk back when i was young and 'spiritual'. there's enough whoop-ding-looney-tune behavior on those to keep you busy for years.

thank god i'm an atheist now.

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