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The words do not have eyes or legs ,
Not have mouths or arms ,
they do not have guts
and often not even the heart ,
or have very little.

You can not ask for words
to light a cigarette
but they can make you more pleasant
the wine.

I search the title, the rest of the poem and as more information I can (year, publication informations, and so on). Could anyone help me?
It appeared in Bone Palace Ballet page 210, as the word
It appears in the database, go to search poems and look for the word. Bone... was published in 1997 after Bukowski's death.
Another version of the poem appeared on the internet with different wording. I am not sure which one is the right one since many of his poems were altered after his death.
I am positive that someone here can help you to get it straight.

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That version on Rap Genius looks like it was taken from a foreign language translation and translated back to English. Like some sort of Stephen Hines book or something (not the Stephen Hines who writes zombie books, the other one). It doesn't make any sense.

We can't post the entire text here for you. But now you know where to find it.

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