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Ordinarily, I don't get very psyched for 'supergroups' like this because they're usually a letdown (I'm looking at you, Velvet Revolver). But any group that has a member of Led Zep will get my attention, and I've been waiting on this album to come out for a while. Throw in Dave Grohl, and I had some relatively high expectations.

After a first listen, I have to say that it's pretty good. Not quite great, but pretty good.

Anyway, Rolling Stone has a review and you can listen to the full album on Rhapsody at the bottom of the page, if you're so inclined.

Listen Here

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Got to see them play in Nashville, and they were incredible! The guys all worked well together, and looked like they were having a BLAST! Very good stuff.
The CD is O.K.
I kept waiting for that didn't my balls just drop guitar solo-never came...
The new Wolfmother is better-whatever that means
Sounds good. For some reason - maybe because I've only listened to a few Queens of the Stone Age songs - I never noticed how much Josh Homme sounds like Todd Rundgren.

Did the verse melody to "Scumbag Blues" remind anyone of a certain 1960's song ?

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