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I found these little comic-book like things when I bought Factotum and Hollywood from Barnes and Noble, but I was afraid of what I might find in them. What the hell are they?
"There's No Business" and "Bring Me Your Love" are short stories illustrated by Robert Crumb. Great little books.
Both short stories has been collected in Septuagenarian Stew, but Crumb's drawings does add something extra to the stories...
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And HC edition have an drawings in color. In paperback you found only black and white. But the price for HC is of course higher. And for me The Captain have better drawings than Bring me your love and There's...

BTW, Crumb's drawings are really good, not only in Bukowski books but in his own comics too! a matter of fact, I've been searching around abe books for a hardcover of Theres No Business. I still havent got around to buying one for the archives.

yes, Crumb's illistrations add a lot to the stories. they capture the essence of buk's writing.
You missed theeffects selling one on eBay for $8. I'm still kicking myself for missing that. Last time I checked Abe, the cheapest was $35 for a trade ed. and $100 for a first. Kinda steep with eBay prices the way the are right now.

More evidence eBay is oversaturated with Buk stuff right now: a month ago, a numbered ed. of Bone Palace sold for $106... and now, one with a promotional poster didn't even hit $50.
I have a first paperback edition of "Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame" that I am looking to sell. Please contact me at [email protected] if you are interested. The book is in near fine condition, with only some slight sunning to the spine and a little droplet on the cover. The corners are sharp and the spine is perfectly straight. Looks like it was never opened.

I also have a second HB printing of "Women" that is looking for a good home.

Maybe a special or first edition, but not the regular hardcovers.

I saw an drawing from There's No Business in color. So i think that it must be from HC, because i have a paperback and it is - of course - black and white. Maybe you're right and it was printed in color only in first edition.
The only color in the first or special editions of these books is on the title page. The rest of the illustrations are black and white.
That color drawing could come from one of the books with Crumb art. I know that his Buk drawings has been published in one of his books...

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