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  1. ...and probably for good reason, but here's a conversation stimulant: The Whitest Music Ever.

    There are some great lines in there:

    "...prog rock, the extravagantly conceptual and wildly technical post-psychedelic subgenre that ruled the world for about 30 seconds in the early 1970s before being torn to pieces by the starving street dogs of punk rock..."

    "...Geddy Lee’s voice, squealing inside the nonsense clockwork of Rush..."

    "...Yes hit big in 1983 with the genderless cocaine-frost of 'Owner of a Lonely Heart.'"

    "The proggers got away with murder, artistically speaking. And then, like justice, came the Ramones."

    (Though in all fairness, I think you could apply the term "genderless cocaine-frost" to most of the records that were made in the 80s.)

    I can't bear listen to any of it anymore, it just sounds like music from an alien universe to me, but when I was 13 or 14 years old I had Brain Salad Surgery and Uriah Heep Live, so I've progged, baby, I've progged. Not that they were in heavy rotation in my bedroom. I was usually in more of an Alice Cooper, Beatles, Black Sabbath or Led Zeppelin frame of mind.

    I bought Brain Salad Surgery because the sound of the thing fascinated me. Not the music, the production. I bought a lot of things for the way they sounded, because it was all voodoo and magic to me and I was trying to figure it all out ("What do you mean, 'Listen to the bass?' How do I do that?").

    I'm pretty sure I bought Uriah Heep Live because it was 99 cents. There were five copies in every cut out bin in the country. And because, you know, Easy Livin' rocked.
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  2. Pogue Mahone

    Pogue Mahone Officials say drugs may have played a part Redwood Original

    Because if you are going to play Prog Rock, you need the extended version in HD...

  3. Why Pandora, why? Why did you open this box? Now all the prog rock will leak out!

    Purple Stickpin please ignore this thread. Thank you.

    In high school we had to wrap our textbooks in some sort of paper (dustjacket type thing).To preserve the learning and whatnot, I guess. I chose pages from the NME. This is back when it was a newspaper, not a glossy mag. My math book had an ad for the new Mighty Lemon Drops album. The ad had a close-up of a Rickenbauer headstock. My friend, who lived prog rock, said "I bet that Rickenbauer is going to waste." He might have been right, but that was a typical prog rock comment I heard/hear/will hear.
  4. Go pound sand; I'm not going to ignore anything - it's not in my nature. But if I happen to smile incongruously, you must understand why. And what the hell is a Rickenbauer? If you're going to be critical of something, you might actually want to consider the concept of being somewhere nearly accurate about it.
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  5. Wrote that on my phone and didnt check the autocorrect.

    I of course meant Auerbeck.

    Jon Anderson would have caught that, and then belittled me for being a lesser art form.
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  6. I'm surprised that Eddie Rickenbacker didn't show up somewhere in there. Anyway, other than pretty much all of King Crimson, the first two ELP albums (self titled and Pictures at an Exhibition) and the first few Yes albums (and perhaps Caress of Steel and A Farewell to Kings by Rush), I don't have any great connection to prog. I don't hate the rest, but I'm certainly not wedded to it.
  7. I have two Strawbs albums. So....

    Oh, and one Rush album.

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