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that is a crime of crimes. i just rearranged my bookshelves and put together a pretty sweet careless press area with a couple prints and small original drawings as well... and i realized that there's no central thread to talk about how great these books are.

buy them now: <-- this one's about to sell out!!! <-- this one makes everything else in my collection seem like a piece of shit. <-- i don't have this one yet, but i will someday.
i'm going to put my computer down now, enjoy a glass of caol ila, and look through all done but none.
At first I thought this thread might be about sloppy printers and binders, but instead I see it is some cool art books by Carol Es. I should never trust my first impressions.
I'll just say that All Done But None is all done by hand, as in each page is hand lettered and painted, and I know this to be true because I watched her work on the book for a year.

They're all quite something, as is the ridiculous Chance Press production of Scribbles in a Sandstorm which Jordan failed to mention out of some misplaced sense of modesty.
if you think all done but none seems expensive, just walk into a gallery and say "i'd like a stack of 30 carol es watercolor paintings for $1400" and then watch as they laugh at you while you slink out.
I'd be right at home in that sloppy printer thread. My wife often reminders me that not everyone shares my enthusiasm for the homemade, give it away free small press esthetic.
If you worked on something every day of your life for a year, giving it away would be a little counterproductive, wouldn't it.

I like giving things away too, but getting paid is better.
Absolutely. The "give it away free" approach is for things that you throw together quickly at little expense. A book or zine produced on a mimeograph or xerox machine in a day. And even then, it's not good business. I hope it didn't seem like I was knocking the idea of charging an appropriate amount for something that a ton of sweat went into. I'm all in favor of asking what it's worth. $1400 for Carol's book is a fair price, maybe even too low. As usual, I stuck my foot in my mouth, but in this case I was actually trying to cram my elbow in my ear.
it's the confusion caused by the dual-role of this thread being about both careless press and carelessly pressing.
That confusion is all my fault. I'm starting to think I can't put two words together without contradicting myself or saying something annoying. Maybe I should ban myself. And I don't mean that in a "Fine! I'll just keep my mouth shut!" sort of way. Actually, you all show amazing tolerance when it comes to my posts. Oh shit, I just had a horrific thought: maybe I'm a troll in disguise, some sort of dual personality creep, and I don't even know it! At any rate, I'm tired of derailing every thread. I'm going to try my best to stay on topic from now on. Yeah, sure, I can do that. Really, I can.

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