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They've gone too far (1 Viewer)


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I know they have been changing all the BSP covers to more "modern" photo-based designs, but this is ridiculous.
Wow! Nice cover, though the metaphorical nature of the thing might confuse some people. It's kind of cool that they disguised it as a different book. Very pomo.
I've seen that budgie book pic used before as an illustration for a Buk book somewhere on the net, probably on Abebooks. Maybe the ebay seller just grabbed it from Abebooks thinking it was the real cover.
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it's probably a database error. when sellers use stock photos, they just enter the ISBN, and the database that ebay, abebooks, amazon, etc. license pulls up the cover photo. someone associated the bird photo with the ISBN for that book, so now it's showing up in weird places. i'd like to think the data entry person did it on purpose.
But somehow it works. The yellow, the goofy birds. I like it! There should be a Buk book with a cover like that.

A database error would also explain, perhaps, the error on the listing for an OCR edition of ALL THE ASSHOLES IN THE WORLD AND MINE, where you click on "details" and it's a text about economics or something.

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