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Melissa Sue

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From Dispatches this morning: "#174. 06-26-06 Vancouver Canada: 2206 hrs. have to be up at my favorite rising time of 0400 hrs. I got here a little while ago and will try to get my head down as soon as I can. Interviewed Matt Dillon today. He was great. We talked about his new film Factotum, which I liked for the most part. Matt is an articulate and humble guy and the interview went really well."

So, not sure when that interview will air but there you go, it's taped anyway. I'm big into Rollins' spoken word ~ his music is a little hard to paint to so I dont listen to it that much ~ and his show usually makes me giggle. It'll be interesting for me anyway to hear hank on hank.
The show's on IFC but I can never remember when, I just catch re-runs. I wanna say fridays? hm.

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