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Black Swan

Abord the Yorikke!
Sometimes, you just can't help it
What, shoot Sarah Palin? And miss out on the daily fun she provides with her insane statements?
The Republicans should have more people like her. Then the Democrats would stay in power forever!

Not to get political, but as a bleeding heart liberal, I LOVE the idea that the party has created monsters that can win the nomination, but cannot win a general election. Most mainstream Republicans know that this is a problem for them, but they have made her so powerful that they cannot stop her. She (and Delaware's version of Palin, Christine O'Donnell), get more democrats elected than anyone could. People run to the polls to vote against them! In Delaware, for example, not only did O'Donnell lose by over 20 points to a very weak candidate, but she personally was responsible for not only all but one GOP candidate losing, but we added MORE democrats to our State houses. I would say that she was a god send, if I believed in god.

So, those of us that are on the left need to keep these annoying, unelectable nutjobs in the news. I would personally send them both a lifetime supply of vitamins if I thought that they would take them regularly.

That being said, those icicles are stunning.
Spot on, Bill! Sarah Palin and Christine O'Donnell are God's gifts to the Democratic Party. God sure works in mysterious ways.
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If she was elected, I can only imagine all of the people that would move voluntary and would be forced to move by her christian warriors.

Her version of America only has a place for conservative white evangelical christians. no one else is welcome.

I have family in the UK and would probably make good on the threats that I made in 2000 and 2004 and move there.

Well, this is my all new buddy! He was found in the rain, about 2 weeks ago. I named him Jack.

Congrats, cute new buddy you've got! Jack is a nice name.
(Buk had a poem about a guy named Jack in one of his books. Something about Jack blaming everybody else for his lack of success)
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yeah, we're getting our first snow also. but I'm not as pleased as Jack.


and as we speak, it's turning to rain. so it will be an ungodly mess trying to get to work tomorrow. and the forecast for the weekend is mid 50s. Halifax weather is batshit.
Haven't seen a snow flake over here yet...
Gotta love that global warming... (not)
You're a rich man Hooch! All that beauty...

what beauty? I'm not even in that picture!


man, you people are lucky I'm around. all this comedy gold for free! I ought to start a cover charge to let you people hang around me.

yes, you can drink for free.

(see what I did there? I inferred you were a lady. classic.)
saw this by the side of the road walking to pick Sam up from school...

2011-12-16 14.45.56.jpg

I guess things didn't end well. judging by the handwriting, it was given by a teenage girl. I didn't have the heart to read what she wrote.

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