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I knew this guy when I lived in Las Vegas back in the 90's. I was a young kid eating up every experience. Bill Stewart was a kind man, a homeless man, he rolled cigarettes to make ends meat and sold them to other homeless people. When I met him I was 27, and still a snotfaced kid myself. We had some fun times in Vegas. And then I find his fate on the internet as I do a search for him early this year.

This doesn't scare me from the streets, it just saddens me so.

I once tried a joke out on Bill.
It was about William Tell.
"Willam Tell was an avid bowler, not many people know this" I told bill.
He says " Oh really?"
I say "Yes, Will was a bowler, but there were no records kept of it or no diaries."
Bill Says. "Why?"

I say "Cause nobody knows for whom the Tells Bowled."

He replies. "Your're lucky Hemingway's not here, I here he hits like a mule."

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