"...this is probably historically the first country song inspired by a Charles Bukowski thought that has gotten to No. 1..." (1 Viewer)

Not bad at all... not bad to look at either.

Talking about lyrics, Hank only had one rhyming poem, right?
I always wondered if he'd start writing songs one day. Probably not, but still a what if scenario.
Disgraceful gloss: for me the song is antithetical to the poem, subverting its premise entirely. Apart from a "bluebird heart" there is no homage or connection.

"I'll keep the light on in my soul / Keep a bluebird in my heart.” No, Bukowski's bird ain't getting out, ever. His is a metamorphosis of becoming a creature in darkness, but perhaps I'm simply nauseated by the shine.

Salud for posting, I haven't traipsed here in a while.
Why does every dipshit entertainer identify with this poem? Maybe in Nashville they do a search for the Bluebird Cafe and this comes up and they have some kind of devine revelation. But there is no shortage of Hollywood folks who discovetr this poem and think they are suddenly all-the-more wise because of it. Do a search and be prepared to hurl your lunch.

Well, I guess it gives Buk some new followers for five seconds and that's not necessarily a bad thing. I'd just like to get them all in a room and have them listen to 6 inches or The Fiend just to watch their reaction...

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