"...this is probably historically the first country song inspired by a Charles Bukowski thought that has gotten to No. 1..."

Not bad at all... not bad to look at either.

Talking about lyrics, Hank only had one rhyming poem, right?
I always wondered if he'd start writing songs one day. Probably not, but still a what if scenario.
Disgraceful gloss: for me the song is antithetical to the poem, subverting its premise entirely. Apart from a "bluebird heart" there is no homage or connection.

"I'll keep the light on in my soul / Keep a bluebird in my heart.” No, Bukowski's bird ain't getting out, ever. His is a metamorphosis of becoming a creature in darkness, but perhaps I'm simply nauseated by the shine.

Salud for posting, I haven't traipsed here in a while.