This looks rather fun.... Rooms for rent at former Bukowski residence (1 Viewer)

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Historic Hollywood Building - 1 Month Free Rent!

Date: 2009-11-17, 9:37PM
This great building, once home to the writer Charles Bukowski, is situated on the border of Los Feliz.
Within walking distance to restaurants, shops, grocery stores, movie theaters, Metro Red Line stops, and near freeways (101, 5, 2).
Hardwood Floors, Herb Garden in back, and lots of friendly neighbors!
Rent includes gas, water, and trash. You pay for electric and cable. Laundry is on-site. Parking available!
Move in during October with a 1 year lease & get 1 month free! 2 room styles to choose from.
Please call to set an appointment: 323-375-4207 We are really friendly!

1623 N. Mariposa (google map) (yahoo map)
cats are OK - purrr
Location: Hollywood
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that's nice.
900.- isn't cheap. But it's Bukowski and the rooms look okay. Walking distance to DeLongpre (3min) and CarltonWay (5min) and the weather is fine.
But I won't jump in. Can't even afford the flight. sorry.
$900 is a good deal for rent in Los Angeles these days. You can pay two grand for a shitty little two bedroom apartment. There's no shortage of rentals, but the prices never go down. There are fewer and fewer "bad" neighborhoods where you can live cheaply. Look at that ad; friendly neighbors, herb garden? Ten years ago I don't think "friendly neighbors" would have been quite applicable in that area.
Man I'm paying not much less than that for a 2 bedroom here in Portland... Hm, historical meaning, eh? Somehow I doubt my wife would go for that...
Where I live you'd be lucky to get a parking space for that price. A few years ago I was paying the dollar equivalent of about $700 a month for a tiny bedsit with shared amenities and very dubious neighbours. Funnily enough, that was when I was reading Bukowski more than at any time in my life. The guy below me was on house arrest and a family of three Chinese immigrants were squeezed into a tiny bedroom next door.

Of course now I live in a 12 bedroom mansion with a BMW in the drive way. Who say's poetry doesn't pay *cough* *cough*
Of course now I live in a 12 bedroom mansion with a BMW in the drive way. Who say's poetry doesn't pay *cough* *cough*

...and with a guy in a cage to write your poems, whom you feed whisky and raw whores, right? ;)
Is $900 cheap, expensive?
I don't know what the average monthly income in the USA is...
Must lay higher than in Europe.
A stretch back in time... The Big 20 bar and dive, whose passing Bukowski bitterly laments on the Bukowski Tapes, was located not far from here near the corner of Hollywood and Western, where the streetwalkers used to ply their trade on the passing motorists and later eat at Pioneer Chicken higher up on Western; Le Sex Shop happened to be next to the Big 20 on the right and the two places were perfect compliments to each other. At one time across the street was a department store-sized whore house with big picture windows and the whores sitting at tables with phones so customers could see them while driving by, do a quick drive around the block and walk in for the score. The house didn't last long, but while it was there it was refreshing to see such obvious naked vice in full bloom and out in the open. After The Big 20 was boarded up like a malaria joint for a number of weeks, it was reborn as something far less interesting and forgettable; the soul of the corner and community was gutted and the spirit of the street was never the same. But until its demise that area of LA was brimming with the best of on-street culture and decadence, noticeable from the road even while driving on the way to Grauman's or the Pantages theater west of Gower. I lived a few miles away in Silverlake for almost 19 years and saw or visited many of the places Bukowski talked about, including the House of Hermetic (long affectionately regarded for voodoo dolls or the casting of spells), and I long lamented the sudden closing of the best Norm's restaurant that ever was, located near the heart of Bukowski country on the corner of Sunset and Vermont, later to become Kaiser Hospital rather than the place to find the best ham and eggs in town with the best professional, straight-talking waitresses in town. Along with the corner of Hollywood and Western, Norm's was a true place of happiness - cheap food and tons of it, open 24/7, blue-collar and alive. There seemed to be more room for the budding artists and writers then and they never took it for granted before the beauty of that invisible space hanging in the air was gone forever.
Is $900 cheap, expensive?
I don't know what the average monthly income in the USA is...
Must lay higher than in Europe.

It really depends on where you are talking about. $900/month in Boston, NYC, Philly, DC, Chicago, SF or LA (and many other cities, of course) is pretty cheap, and you'd be lucky to get much more than a studio (i.e., no bedroom, just an area in the living room for a bed or pull-out couch) with a small kitchen (in NYC, you'd get a dumpster in the south Bronx; a nice dumpster, mind you, but it's still a dumpster. Want a lid on that? It's an extra $100 /month).
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If you can't afford that kind of rent---I sure as hell can't---or you can't afford any rent 'cause you're writing the next great American novel (!) and you need a place to keep dry during the rainy season, then I suggest saying to hell with Hollywood and applying to the Kerouac Project Writer-In-Residence Program in Orlando, Florida. You get to live three months rent free in the house Kerouac wrote The Dharma Bums and squeeze fresh-picked oranges from your backyard into your beer. And just think of all the groupie whores at your front door kissing your ass offering up that sweet little fold between their legs when for crum's sake all you ever wanted was some quality time to read your Bukowski. ;)
Wonder if it would be worth it just to poop in the same toilet where Buk had most of his glorious beer shits. Or was that at the track?

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