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It takes forever to load the page, but you rarely see color images from this time. Very odd.

Great photos.

I've always loved the over-saturated color of Kodachrome slides. I remember that my dad had some Kodachrome slides he took in the mid-'50s of my oldest sister when she was a toddler with a Mark Ryden-esque giant bunny doll, and the colors were just intense. Sort of hyper-real. Wish I still had those slides, but I'm guessing that they're with one of my sisters.

You can find tons of great images and artwork on the LOC website (where these photos are from). In fact, the cover art for Milk 1 was adapted from a section of a WPA public health poster on the site. Unfortunately, searching the site is not exactly intuitive, and you can spend hours searching for specific items only to hit dead-end after dead-end.

Thanks for the link.
Great website! There's lots of interesting photos there. Thanks...
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That " Buy War Bonds" poster is pretty damn intense, and in color it looks as if Uncle Sam is about to get out of the picture and kick some ass.
It makes me think of where we were at, only 70 years ago, and where we are now! Some of us will see 2040. Many of us will be dirt by then. Ouwahh!
BoS & GHK:
That was easy. It's too much of my story to forget:

"As I watched them I said to myself, someday my dance will begin. When that day comes I will have something that you don't have. [...] Someday I will be as happy as any of you, you will see."

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