"Those damn eyes fucked me forever" (1 Viewer)

Does anyone know the title of the poem or the book this wonderful quote is from, "Eyes. Those damn eyes fucked me forever. We made love just looking at them".
I desperately would love to know. Thank you in advance!
"fucked me forever" doesn't sound much like Bukowski to me, but what do I know. A search of all of his books doesn't show that phrase appearing anywhere (neither does "damn eyes," for that matter).
Really? :/. Someone told me it's from the book "What matters most is how well you walk through the fire", but I don't think they were too sure.

Oh, the quote was also written in his Facebook fanpage a while ago (but nothing would indicate from which book)
Yeah, the facebook fanpage is not run by the estate and they are prone, like other places on the internet to pass on unattributed (and not authentic) quotes. If the folks here say that it is not in a book of his poetry, you can take that to the bank.
the facebook fanpage is not run by the estate...
Speaking of things run by HarperCollins, check this out:


That copy of Captain must be old BSP stock, yeah? Ecco wouldn't reproduce that hardcover in the same way...

The thing that made me even look at it was that the book seems too short, but I think that's just the angle and the sticker propped up there making it look square-ish.
The closest I could find to what Vanessa had been looking for is this:
as we passed
our eyes fucked
and loved and
sang to each other
That's a part of a poem called Once in a While from Come On In!
Since that's a posthumous collection of poetry, "edited" by you know who, you know you should be careful.

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