Thoughts From A Stone Bench In Venice in The Pleasures of the Damned (1 Viewer)


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If someone has The Pleasures of the Damned and wouldn't mind comparing this to the printed version (pg. 289) and let me know if there are any changes, it would be much appreciated.

Wild guess, but thinking with JM's brain, replace cunt with socks. When you do this and reread the poem,
much will be revealed.
Also, replace vomiting with Frisbee golf.
Did you cut off from all your posthumous poetry collections?
I never bought those "best of" anthologies, Run With the Hunted and Pleasures.

As suspected, the version in Pleasures has been neutered and kicked to the curb to fend for itself.

Sadly, it's gotten to the point where comparisons aren't necessary anymore. If it's in the posthumous books, it's been changed. It's only a matter of how much.

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