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“Three by Bukowski” signed, hardcover. (1 Viewer)

Pogue Mahone

Officials say drugs may have played a part
I usually don’t pimp my stuff on here because I sell a lot of Buk and this isn’t eBay, but I thought somebody here might want a shot at it first.

I’m going to post it on eBay for $275.00 next Saturday, but will sell it here for $250.00. I’ll consider trades as well. I'll answer any questions here, but contact me directly if you're interested.

“Three by Bukowski” signed, hardcover.

Black Sparrow printed 131 Hardcover versions of this chapbook in 1992 “on the occasion of the American Booksellers Convention in Anaheim.”

Out of the 131 copies, there were 26 lettered, hardbound copies signed by Bukowski.

In addition to the lettered copies, Bukowski signed an additional 19 copies on the title page. This is one of those 19 copies.

This one is in Very Good ++ condition.
  • Front cover is near fine/fine.
  • Back cover is very good -- it has some shelf wear/markings that stand out because the boards are cream color.
  • Inside is fine, except a pencil notation in the top-left corner of the last page.
  • Binding itself is tight, but the book has a slight warp to it -- I didn't even notice until I put it on my scanner. It's a fairly large chapbook, measuring 9¾" - 12" tall, and very thin, so that contributed to the slight warp.

The chapbook contains three Bukowski poems:
  • Returning to an Old Love
  • The Kenyon Review and Other Matters
  • A Moment
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