"three-fingered son of a b---h who has no soul." (1 Viewer)

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This is what Bukowski thought of Mickey Mouse. If we forget for a second that Mickey Mouse has 4 fingers, and is an animated cartoon, I just wonder what lead Bukowski to such an opinion.

I am not sure if Bukowski was a racist, but Mickey Mouse is black...it's very telling he didnt have anything against Donald Duck.

Not saying yes or not, just wondering...more news soon.

PS. I just saw a documentary about MM a few days ago. The original one was gloveless, and the audience didnt like his claws, they thought it looked a little bit disgusting and scary, so that's why Walt Disney came up with the idea of a mouse with white gloves. Perhaps the two facts are connected in a subliminal way? A black mouse wearing white gloves? Too much for Bukowski to handle? Donno, but I'll find out.
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