Three joyous years of happiness and bliss (1 Viewer)

i'm pretty ashamed.

i noticed my 2 year anniversary of membership passed by a couple of days ago. guess i just don't have anywhere better to be.
Wasn't it as of yesterday? No, I guess you should know :)

Oh, I know why - I'm already enjoying tomorrow.

God Bless this Forum, and All who Sail in Her.
today's my 3 year anniversary.

what, was I the first guy to sign up? not that that means anything, just that I have too much time on my hands.

I do remember you posting on smog for people to let you know if there was any interest in a Bukowski forum. and I sent you a barely literate email with 2 words: do it.

and now look how literate I is!
Yes, I was surprised at how many people said they would welcome a forum, and it turned out okay.
Happy Anniversary to all my friends...!

And three years of this forum too. As of today. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

Happy Anniversary and congrats. mjp, forum mods, and all original members of Thank you for such a fun and informative place to spend alot of time! Cheers to ALL and here's to another 3 years! CRB:)
Shit. Is it already 3 years? Of course, I'm drunk now and sentimental, but it seems like nothing that there was a post on, saying somethingl like: maybe I'll start a forum, let's look how it turns out you fuckers.

It turned out alright.
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Wow, and I havent even been here a month. Well, dutifully I will hope to continue to contribute to this ever interesting and pertinent piece of my day (and night). There are sons of bitches and heroes at hand...and I wouldn't have it any other way.
And three years of this forum too. As of today. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

I know - and I do! :D
- I signed up two months after the forum was launched, at March 16, 2006. I used to check out the Buk stuff at smognet regularly and one day there was a forum there! And then my fate was sealed! :p

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY EVERYBODY! - May the next three years be just as fun as the past three have been!
I'm glad I tripped over this place about a year and a half ago. Good people, good discussions, and generally, good fun!

Not to mention all the other authors I've discovered through (or on) here too. So good all around.
I was aquainted with Bukowski long before I knew Bukowski. I now have 7 of Fante's books.
No, I have yet to dip into or sniff them. But I can't wait.
I really 'found' Bukowski when I saw 'Born Into This'. That poem will resonate with me until the day I die. It is what led me to this place in August of 08';a crazy hectic exciting month for me, to be sure.
LickTheStar, I'm glad I tripped over this place too. CRB:)
This place is a wonder to behold...& I'm lucky to be here & learning from you all! For my money this place is one of the few authorities on Bukowski--only his friends & family know more than this collective--&, as such, can help make sure that his work lasts.

To MJP & to you all, I raise a glass in thanks.
Without a doubt
I have learned more about the things I care about >music, books, art, snappy conversation and umami food preparation than any other site.
I love this place.
Thanks MJP-you have fused your creative and technical abilities to create a community and still kept your, Yeah well fuck you and your world edge. (when needed). Thats not a small accomplishment.
And to the rest of us-Yes! Always Yes!!
Thanks mjp for a great site. It's the first place I come every weekend morning and the last site I visit every evening. I'm thinking about moving in.

The rent is cheap, but there's no hot water or heat, so move in at your own risk.

ah yes, you must be window peeking on my new glad to be one of the "maniac's" on this fine forum. sure will be glad to be back on regularly again, but just hit and mostly miss for now. anyway yes, congrats too all of "us". its been a fucking blast!!
Yes, thank you for introducing me to all of these wonderful strangers. I know you all very well now.
Thank you for the laughs and a fine education.

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