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I am trying to locate a hardcopy of 'Three Oranges' as well as the exact Bibliographic details for the poem because I need to put a reference to the poem in a Chapter -- can any one help on where this poem has been printed in the CB oeuvre?
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Once again I am at a loss as to how to make that more obvious (I'm sure Claire is long gone and will take no offense).

Maybe it needs to be on a separate domain or have a 100 pixel high blinking link somewhere or a big overlay ad that swoops down over the forum when you first enter or...
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maybe add Check the database first, or something to that effect.
I stuck an announcement on the forum page. Maybe one or two people will see it. I could make it bright pink if that would help. But I'll see if tacking something onto the forum description works too.

One thing I've learned working on the internet for the past 15 years is you can put all the notices, warnings, roadblocks and traps that you can muster right in front of people and they still won't read the two sentences that you want them to read. So I guess this shouldn't be surprising. It's not even a big deal. I just feel like a big reason for the site even being here isn't obvious to a new visitor, and I continue to see that as a problem that needs to be solved.


maybe add Check the database first, or something to that effect.
Pow! Done. Great idea.
Hi, sorry I missed the link to 'database'! If it helps at all, it was the word 'database' that threw me; I was looking for publishing ie. a bibliography , so I looked (very quickly I admit) in tabs other than 'poem database'. I didn't look in 'works database' as I was searching for a poem, and thought 'works' referred to collections. This is probably only reflective of misundertsandings on my part, and my unfamilarity with 'databases' but when I now go to database, the words: 'Search Charles Bukowski's published (and unpublished) works' makes much better sense to me, and this was exactly the link I was looking for.
Perhaps this helps?
That's for sending link even if you were annoyed!:)
Now that WAS impressive Claire!
A newbie receiving praise from the Official Buknet Bouncer (mjp).
Think that must be a first!
Almost looks like love at first fight.

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