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I'm sure you're all familiar with the story of Bukowski throwing 20-30 paintings away (after soaking them in hot water in the bathtub), and Martin having a fit because he saw that as throwing 2-3 grand away.

Was that in a poem? In a story? Perhaps in a letter??
Paintings in the Bathtub

He also mentions this in the story "East Hollywood: The New Paris," conveniently collected in Absence of the Hero.;)
Thanks, David. I just reread that story. The section about painting is indeed interesting. Some of the things he says there ("here's a man who's not afraid of color" or somesuch) appear again, almost verbatim, in a 1990 letter to W. Packard published in Reach for the Sun.
Damn, I STILL don't have 'Absence'!
These suckers from 'Customer Services Publishers Group UK' let me wait and wait, even though I've ordered before it was even published!

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