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Ponder, you've been busy digging up some excellent links lately.

good stuff. thanks.


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I recently bought a copy of that book on Abebooks. It was quite cheap. In case you didn't notice, it was published by BSP.
i picked up a hc first last year on ebay for $3.50. it also contains a piece by hunter thompson.

i just checked my copy and it seems i have volume one, while Ponder linked to volume two...anyway, thanks for the link Ponder!

Hey Ponder, I have a ??- the picture to the right of the link shows the edition of 'Thus Spake...'(a collection/Trade) that I have. But the table of contents does not match what I have. I realize that the publication was issued for years(?) before the compilations were issued.
I have vol.1 & 2 in trade/Black Sparrow. I got em' cheap, through my job, no remainder marks. I tried to mentioned them back when i was a noob, got no love...
once the press laid it down, how many collections did they put together?:)CRB


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Ponder, you've been busy digging up some excellent links lately.

good stuff. thanks.

Actually I was a little bit worried to overload the buknet members
with Bukowski related material.
Look at that Dutch guy, he is trying to become popular...
People are so suspicious nowadays :)

It's really not so difficult to find these links.
If you google 30 minutes a day you find at least 2 new links. (hint.) ;)
Sure, a lot of links we find are bad or useless.

What also helps is viewing the guests online, some of them read old forgotten threads.

But what cirerita means for buknet is absolutely priceless.
It doesn't make you a better person, it is a choice, you want to share or not.
And he shares.

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