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My friend Mat runs an art gallery in Los Angeles and they are staging a sort of performance piece over the next couple of week. I'm not sure what it says, and it's a little stunt-y, to me, but the results of typing an entire novel on one piece of paper are kind of interesting.

If you are in to happenings, and live in Los Angeles, this might be right up your alley.

We are an art gallery in Los Angeles and we represent an artist that is going to be performing Bukowski's POST OFFICE at the Downtown L.A. Post Office (where the novel takes place).

This artist, Tim Youd, has a practice of re-typing an entire novel in a locale specific to where the story takes place, on a single piece of paper, using the same make/model of the typewriter used by the author.

Youd will be performing POST OFFICE daily from July 17 thru July 27, from 11am-4pm daily.

We will be giving away signed artist prints to those who can answer the most Bukowski-related trivia, and also to those who show their Bukowski tatoo to the artist during the performance.

I think your readers would find this of interest, email me for more info

http://www.coagulacuratorial.com/html/youd-post-office.html :

"Fresh from his critically acclaimed typing performance of Henry Miller’s Tropic of Capricorn on the Brooklyn sidewalk outside of Miller’s boyhood home, Tim Youd is continuing his page turning performances all over the country. Dubbed “regional conceptualism”, Youd performs the works in locales geographically related to either the author’s life or the plot of the novel. And he utilizes the same make and model typewriter used by the author in its original creation, typing the novel on a single page run through the machine over and over.

Youd will be performing Charles Bukowski’s Post Office at the Terminal Annex in the parking lot of the Post Office (Downtown, Los Angeles) from July 17 - 26, 11am - 4pm each day.

On July 27, Youd moves his location to Coagula Curatorial, where he will finish the performance as part of the PERFORM CHINATOWN festival, from 3pm - 9pm.
With each exhibition, Youd also constructs a tangible companion piece to marry with every performance, consisting of his sculpted typewriter “portraits” as well as a self-portrait of himself reading the performed works.

Terminal Annex Post Office
900 N Alameda St, Los Angeles, CA 90012
Wednesday, July 17th - Saturday, July 26th, 2013
11am to 4pm, Daily

About the Charles Bukowski's Post Office Performance:
Youd will perform the entirety of Charles Bukowski’s Post Office on an Underwood Champion in the parking lot of the Terminal Annex Post Office where Bukowski sorted mail for fourteen years. The final day of the performance will coincide with the 2013 edition of Perform Chinatown. For that, Youd will relocate to the Coagula Curatorial gallery in Chinatown to finish the performance and will display two of Youd’s sculpted Bukowski typewriter “portraits”.

To commemorate the performance, the Coagula Curatorial gallery has created a limited edition print of Youd's self-portrait reading Bukowski's Post Office. During the performances there will be two ways to acquire a limited edition print. The first is a Bukowski trivia raffle in which one can enter any day during the run of the performance, up until 8pm on the day of the concluding Perform Chinatown event. In all, 20 prints will be raffled off to the patrons who have gotten the most trivia questions correct. The second: at any point during the run of the performance, if someone comes up to the artist and shows him their Bukowski tattoo, they get a print on the spot."
i wondered what doing it on one piece of paper meant - that's pretty cool. looks good
in a frame too.

mjp you should go do the trivia contest and snag one of those limited editon prizes.
i wondered what doing it on one piece of paper meant - that's pretty cool. looks good in a frame too.

Plus after filling the page the first time, he could just type anything he wanted and no one would ever know... but of course, he wouldn't do that. :acb:

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