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TIRED OF New Members Offering EBAY books (1 Viewer)

can we please stop allowing new members from posting their eBay auctions here?
i say we make them wait ONE YEAR before offering books here.
not sure how difficult it is to block these clowns.
have tried to contact these "new members" to no avail.
sick of the "free promotion" w no payoff...
The truth is that many of them pop up here, post the info and are never heard from again. They clearly have no more interest in this forum than people trying to sell v1agr4.

It is one thins for a newbie to post with items to sell, but to notify us of their sale seems self-serving.

Plus, there are enough of us that do not miss ANYTHING by Bukowski on ebay, so they are not notifying the rabid collectors, who already know about theses....

it's the buy/sell/trade forum... i don't think you should have to be a longtime member to be allowed to use it.
I agree with Jordan. you never know when someone may have items for sale not listed on ebay. I for one, am always interested in what is out there.
I don't mind them listing as I am also interested in what is out there - but I think they should have to state where they picked up the books and provide a bit of background.
And it would'nt hurt if they listed them here at bargain prices! :)
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I have been alerted to stuff because it was listed here, via old member or new member. As long as it's real, I'm all for being alerted to stuff I may not have been otherwise. Though I never have enough money to buy any of the stuff I see listed, but that's another story.
have tried to contact these "new members" to no avail.
Maybe you should leave them alone, since you only speak for yourself and not forum management (such as it is).

It's kind of funny that someone with 74 posts is complaining about newbies anyway. So calm down there, firecracker.

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