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I just hope they didn't wear tuxedos, and sing like a Pirate with balls the size of a moose.

Did I write just write that out loud?

Here's some I found.

Bands: Modest Mouse (Bukowski)
Poison: (Hot) water music)
Volta Sound (Henry Chinaski)

There are bands named ("A radio with guts.") And ("Lydia Vance.")

Albums: War all the time. (Thursday)
Let it unfold you ( Senses Fail)
Bone Palace Ballet (Chiodos)

Songs: Flower, fist and Bestial Wail. (Audience of One)
All that matters is how well you walk through the fire. (red label catharsis)
Barfly (The Disco Biscuits)

There are several more.

Digney in Burnaby

donkeys live a long time
Dave Alvin has a song called Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame on the Museum of Heart cd. Saw a couple copies in Langley, BC a few weeks ago.

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