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Hooked up a new TiVo Premiere on Saturday. I only mention this because it streams movies from Netflix. I've downloaded a few movies from Amazon to the old TiVo over the years, but unlike a download, the Netflix stream starts playing about 15 seconds after you hit the button.

So if you don't see us for a few months, that would be why...
Your going to need a better couch.

Does it work with Fios? DId you get the Premiere XL? it comes with 3D glasses and THX certified-certified for premium audio and digital quality.
Eh, I think I saw some discussion of Fios over on the TiVo forum, but I don't recall if it works with it or not (honestly, until I just now looked up Fios I had no idea what it was). I did not get the XL as I don't think I need to record a terabyte worth of shows. And I would never spend $500 on a TiVo.

Well, I suppose I would if I had to, but luckily I don't.
God, that tivo premeir makes me want to look at switching to cable. I still have my original tivo in the bedroom hooked up to Directv. Works as good as it ever did, but no HD, or any special features. Now Directv does not offer Tivo, and I don't remember what other trouble I had, but on my main tv in the living room, I have some crappy directv dvr, which I don't care what anybody says, is not the same as Tivo.

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