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*I am an asshole*! And the whole world is an asshole. Getting slightly intoxicated on Irish whiskey and coke light. Wine will follow. But that's how it should be :-)

I was reading the beat thread -- isn't it rather obvious that themes and style differ greatly between the beats jazzy improvisation (Buk hated jazz!) and Bukowski's refined non-metaphoric writing, also between the beats' ideal of being outside of society and Bukowski's realist here and now?

He worked pretty hard all his life and didn't have any illusions about escaping it all meditating on a mountaintop. Maybe he lived more zen-like, doing his daily chores than most beats... The beats are considered to be the precursors of the hippie genration -- I can't see that Buk was ever hippie-like?

Cheers // The red wine is flowing now :-)
Good point; he was a working man. I just meant that he was on the outside regarding the status quo of society. Out of curiousity, how did the beats get by if they didn't work or "do their chores"?

the bourbon is flowing
and my face is glowing
from the pleasure I get
as I sit
from this exchange of lines
with someone sipping on wine
that's another bukowski fan
and thus I give you a hand(clap, clap, clap!)

p.s. as you can tell I'm not a poet (just a drunk.)
Maybe I should be a gangsta rappa
Not bad...okay, I'm trying to be kind.

Drop the rhyming crap. I hate that in poetry.

Good subject matter, though. And in my opinion, being a good drunk is half way to being a good poet.
cheap gin,

wasn't looking for feedback but thanks anyway! You're right about 'rhyming crap'. I was just fucking around. I'm too chickenshit to try to right an actual poem.
From cheap bourbon to cheap gin- cheers

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