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What do you suppose they're up to on the other side of the wall? Scheming about how to keep us down I'll wager.

I just realized I'll be 21 in a month.

EDIT: 2 months. I'm dumb.
I imagine they have posters of my face upon which they play darts :p

I imagine a lot of tickling and touching and kissing and self-congratulatory swooning.

(I'm only joking! I'm sure they are diligently working away, filing documents, processing memeber information, sending out inviations to mjps house, mailing out wage slips and generally laughing at the whirl of nonsense spinning round the office...)

Anyway, I'm off too wash the dishes...
I'll bet they're creating dirty dishes to be delivered to your sink, too.

Ruby: I'm sure I will be. My friends will want to kill me with alcohol, but I'm not sure what I'll want to do in the next 2 months (minus a day!).
A funny story about this, a while ago, obviously, I was thinking about how everyone talks about a newborn in months. 18 months, 16 months etc. And I thought, after that age it's all rounded off in years so i decided to figure out my months and it turned out to be exactly 500 months!

I was shocked and apalled.

Ruby is roughly 330 months, I calculate,
I was thinking about how everyone talks about a newborn in months.

And before delivery, they even talk about the age in weeks!
But archeologists use centuries, evolution-scientists go in Millions of years and astronomers head for 10 to the x.
It all depends on proportions of the subject: Like the B is infinite. There is no scale.

p.s.: I just finished my amount of dirty dishes to send to you know who. Anyone to pick them up?
did your mothers never teach you that it's impolite to talk about a lady's age?

[and slimey, and i can already see the joke coming: something about me not being a 'lady', so i'll stop you right there]
What's next? - a respectable tart or maybe a born again christian...:D
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...and you had a good start
because both you are smart
but I play out the card:
slime has tongue like a wart
that's why sometimes it's hard
to take part
in what he says with it.

"No! No rhyming poetry in Henry Chinaski's home!"
(Women, p.9)
Then kiss me!
Oh, pleeease - come Up Top and KISS ME !!!
I want to get rid of all these warts ALL around my body! I contain of nothing but warts and frogs - er - does this make sense? -- anyway: come kiss me!!!

(oh, btw. "up top" was only referring to you living 'down under'! hehe)
i'm afraid you'll have to wait till next year, ronibert. which reminds me: i found out that the town i'll probably be living in, if i go to italy, is Udine... which is near the german border! i'll be able to visit you!
Great these news, that you'd visit!
'Udine' sounds quite like 'Undine' which not only is a beautiful fairytale - it also is an opera written by E.T.A. Hoffmann when he was living in Bamberg.
Under the surface it referrs to his love for his singing-student Julia Marc, btw. (just like his first important writing 'The Golden Pot' does.) - all of this is settled in Bamberg! [even if some guys name other cities] ( - details then, if you're interested. It's delicate...)


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