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Hi John (from MA, not CA),
That is where I heard it. It will probably not happen, but I cannot imagine why they would not do it if they thought that there was demand for somethign like this. It would also be somethign that every Borders, B&N, etc would want to carry, so sales would not rely on walk in sales at City Lights or word of mouth...

It is funny though, that they responded that they wanted to talk to you. At least your name is not George Bush or you may have received a completely different reply...

Amen to that!

Anyway, if you click on the link hoochmonkey provided, there is a link there for sending a comment to City Lights regarding this book. Can we get enough takers here to do that and see what happens? Maybe a separate thread would help?

I realize that having a dozen or so people request a hardcover version would probably have no effect, but doing nothing is certain to have no effect.
Great idea
and I did just e-mail them too...

I don't have the computer savy to start a new thread with the link atop
But someone here must

(Hell, I can't even 'quote' and respond properly,
(see above)
and curing my non-avatar status,
fugedabout it).
Thanks, for splitting this sub-topic from the original thread. I'm hoping we'll get a few more views on a new thread with a topic line more specific to this particular issue.

I sent City Lights a message about how happy I was to hear about the book, and how much we'd love to see a hardcover. Gerard, perhaps a real letter would be effective. Let's see if they respond.

if they send me 50 paper copies, I'll remove the wrappers and bind them in hard covers!

I'm sure if you pay for 50 copies, they'll send them to you.

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