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March 8th? I may not know much but it is the 9th, isn't it??
March 8th is Ralph Getsinger's birthday.
Anyway at this time of the year and a tear will moisten our eyes. His spirit will continue to lighten our hearts- even though he probably wouldn't like me. Not that I'd matter anyway.
I thought he was dead, but this Web site has revived him. Yes, he is very much alive and I am more alive than ever too, alive and writing again. And in some strange and almost magical way, you folks have a lot to do with that.

Hand raised high here!
Of course he's still alive! If Jesus lives, so does Buk!
It would have been kinda funny if he died at March 8 (instead of March 9) because March 8 is International Women's Day...:D
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Today March 9th is the 14th anniversary of when died. Check his tombstone on Plus the end pages of his books indicate the day that he died as well.
Tell us what you see on Saturday, March 8, Mr Tesseract the Time Keeper.

Again, I look at it as one special day when
Bukowski magically rose from the dead, and allowed us all to have a nice laugh.


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Father Luke
I don't know why "Today's events" would show that on the 8th when it isn't in the calendar on the 8th. Maybe "Today's events" secretly hates Bukowski and wishes him dead twice, I don't know.
the story is simple (and has nothing to do with antisemitism btw):

it IS an MM-pic.
They were walking around to shoot some pics, no special ideas about surrounding or anything. They DID their shooting and were about to end it; on their way back they passed this Jewish graveyard. Spontanously Buk decided to go in there and pose for some pics. Just because it's so uncommon to pose amongst graves. - ... that's it.

Of course, there were 'groups' who took this as an offence. But, please! come on!

(ps: there are more than this one pic at this graveyard.)
Back to our program....for March 9th, for Bukowski, I became a contributing member. It has already paid for itself, I have become somehow enlightened. The spirit lives on and we continue to speculate our fate.

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