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Thinking of his son and the rest of Todd's family and friends.
Rest In Peace, Todd.

Not long ago Todd sent us a brand new Bukowski Tribute poem.
Todd Moore was and is a good writer.
I always thought that, at some point, I'd bump into Todd here in ABQ, and shake his hand. He was fiercely committed to his writing, and was generous with his time when supporting other people's projects. He wrote right up to the end, with new stuff appearing all the time. A tip of the hat, and a raised glass to him...and my best to his family.
Todd was an old small press compadre with a distinctive, hard-boiled writing style. Like Bukowski, often imitated, rarely equalled. We'll all miss him.
I want to hear that. Years ago, I was in touch with him. He sent me one of his early Dillinger chapbooks. Like an idiot, I later sold it. Big mistake. I recall it being great stuff. Thanks for posting the link.
Todd doesn't sound as if he would die a few weeks after the interview. He did sound full of life and seemed to be a real interesting man.
Todd Moore's letter to NYQ #57. Of course if you get too much shit and blood in poetry you just end up with a lot of shitty, bloody poetry. And who needs that?


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