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Father Luke said to tell everyone hi.... he thought that this group could help me out...
My Name is Lisa, and the first part of last year I was setting up an interview for Rick Heysqueirdo the host of the Lone star Jukebox on KPFT 90.1 the interview was with singer / songwriter Tom Russell... in the interview Tom tells how he & Charles Bukowski wrote to each other for over twenty years after the interview I bought a piece of Tom Russell's artwork that he had with him and it came with a piece of artwork by Charles Bukowski it's not for sale I was just hoping someone could tell me what they think it's worth...?
I need help posting the pictures.... LOL
Hi Lisa,
What kind of artowrk? Was it a drawing? Acrylic? Why would Tom Russell throw it into one of his pieces of art? Is it original?

I fear that it may be one of the overrun serigraphs from one of the Black Sparrow books. If this is the case, then they are cool, but worth about $40 on the high end.

That is the only reason that I can see anyone "throwing in" a Bukowski piece of art.

That is just my thought. A scan or even a quick photo will help clear it up.

Hi Bill :
I have the pictures on my computer... I just can't get them to upload here LOL anyway here's what I have a painting that Tom did of Charles Bukowski and a painting by Charles Bukowski it's an original. Bukowski wrote to Tom for twenty years and in the letters he would send paintings this is one of them!!
Father Luke uploaded my pictures to flickr here's the links
Those are prints. Reproductions. Aside from the issue of whether Russell had the rights to reproduce and sell Bukowski's art that way, the value of such prints is limited. In the range that Bill mentioned.
Do you think so? It would not surprise me, but looking at them woulb be the clincher. These seem to be pastels? if so, it should be obvious in person if they are real or color prints. Also, the dark paper; is that that the paper aged, or just the scan? I have something like that here, but it is on glossy photo paper and was published by Mystery Island.

Without touching it, I'm stumped...

mjp does know his shit, so he must have a reason fer being so sure.

The dark border is the uncorrected scan of the older paper I think. If you look at the flash reflection on those, you can see that they are prints on glossy stock. And as ROC pointed out, they are marked as prints; 1/10 and 48/100. And I think that inscription on the Bukowski piece says "owned by Tom Russell."

Someone should tell him that owning a piece of art does not give you the right to reproduce and sell it. That right remains with the artist, even after a sale.
The seller talked to Tom Russel and confirmed that it was 1 of 10 copies made by Tom Russell, so it is not authentic. I guess that a Tom Russell fan would pay for it, but as a Buk collector, it is simply a color copy of a piece of art, which I could do (but wouldn't do) myself from any of the art on this website.

So, mjp was right!

Look who's coming to Montreal soon!
Tom Russell,
Sunday, March 15 - Le Divan Orange (4234 St-Laurent) 8 p.m. $30/$20 students
I'll ask him to sign my book!:)
I wasn't aware of the 30 dollars when I first read the post.
That's quite expensive indeed, although, they're Canadian dollars.
Tom Russell
When Fri, March 13, 8:30pm - 11:30pm
WhereHugh's Room Toronto
Tickets are $28.50 in advance or $32.50 at the door.
Hmmm do I invest now and save $1.50 or drive to Montreal and save $2.50??
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I wasn't aware of the 30 dollars when I first read the post.
That's quite expensive indeed, although, they're Canadian dollars.

Yeah, to you!
if compared to euros, I suppose that you are looking at my money as labels that you peel of campbell soup cans :rolleyes:

$30?! For a club gig? I have to get back into the business.
only 3 years ago we'd pay half. Still, many shows at 10.
but I suppose Tom R. is becoming a big name .
I listened to Hotwalker again yesterday coming back from London Ont.
I enjoyed it. I am going to see him in Toronto.
Though he does make a mistake saying Buk listened to jazz and classical while pounding out the poems on track 15 (I think).
Noticed that both he and Neil (Living with War) end their albums with
America the Beautiful.
I listened to LwW on the way to London-go figure

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