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for those of you who like tom waits get his latest 3 CD set "orphans". it is waits @his best.
try 2 get the limited edition. WHY?
johnny brewton of x-ray press did art design, layout, etc. the cover is a 94 page hardcover book of waits lyrics, poems, pictures, etc.
the best CD cover ever designed & worthy of a grammy if they offered such.

(forwarded to me from fn)

Does anyone have this?
Johnny told me about it. I have to get it. The limited edition will be gone very soon. If interested, it would be best to get it soon. Once the 94 page book is gone, it will be gone...

Thanks. I saw it at the sotre, but the packaging didn't mention anything about the book inside, etc. Just checked the Amazon listing, and it appears to be the one on the X-Ray site. Off to order now.
I picked up the Tom Waits and it is very very good.
That said, I'm a TW fan and may be a trifle biased.

Thee are readings musings and songs through out the CD.
The BUk poem Nirvana reads very well.
It reminds me of Tom Russells Howwalker CD that also uses Buk poetry.
Waits seems to have this affinity for both Buk and Keroauc.
I think that is a good thing.
I also have him reading On the Road with Claypool from Primus
i should get that. met tom waits, once, actually. he's a very strange fellow. i was younger then. talked with him about writing for a bit- that was interesting. in any case, waits is...well, damn good. though not what i tend to listen to on a normal basis, i am indeed a fan.
great songs -

"bottom of the world"

"take care of all of my children"

"the fall of troy"

great stuff. when tom is gone, well, no more tom.

- paul

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