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My guess is that it will be a first edition, later printing. All copies of this book are TECHNICALLY first editions. Still, it is a bit deceptive or dishonest to list a later printing as a first edition without letting you know that it is a much later printing. Could be a paperback from 2000. Still, at that price, I'd take the gamble. If it is not a first, let the seller know that you want to return it or come up with a more reasonable price for a later printing.

Yeah, I was thinking that as well, but since it states first ed. 1971, thought I'd pull the trigger.
If a first Ecco shows up, that would not be good.


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Plus $15.10 for Priority mail?

I've got some pretty good deals on eBay from people who don't know the value of what they have (or don't even know what they have), but then I've never bought anything with a stock photo/description. That's a little too pig-in-a-poke, even for me (and I can be pretty careless when it comes to buying things sometimes).

Maybe you'll be lucky. But even if it is a real first, the torn cover would scare me off.
So, what showed up was a copy from 1991 with a nice piece of the back- cover missing. Not unexpected, so contacted
the seller and am sending it back. First and last time buying an item with a stock photo.
Nothing wrong with reaching now and again skiroomalum. There was a forum member a few years back (Kilgore?) who runs a bookstore downtown here. I'm pretty sure he picked up a War All The Time w/original painting on Ebay from somebody who thought it was a hardcover trade edition. There is a thread somewhere on here regarding it.
And then again, there are those BSP variations that actually suggest something better than what it is. Of course, the words are where it's at, but there are trade editions with cloth bindings that were used for the better/signed editions. I've got one or two. So, knowing your binding cloths is good advice; knowing that exceptions appear everywhere is also good advice.

Example: Fante's Ask the Dust. The trade edition has a mustard yellow cloth spine cloth. I own two copies of the trade edition: 1) with typical mustard yellow spine cloth and 2) with black spine cloth that was used for the signed edition. No signatures anywhere on that one.
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Of course, you're right - there's an exception to every rule.

But if you know the rules, at least you can turn the odds to your favor.

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