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I figured... hey, why not?

1. The Shield

My favorite series because (especially when watched in marathon mode) the consistency of the characters is painfully well done (not to mention crazy amounts of tension!). Great, great series.

2. Futurama
3. The Venture Brothers
4. Six Feet Under
5. The Simpsons
6. Curb Your Enthusiasm
7. Modern Family
8. Carnivale (ah, what might have been)
9. Seinfeld
10. Lost (this may change after the final season though)

Runners up include Family Guy, Sealab 2021, and Space Ghost Coast to Coast ( I mention them here because I'm still making my list and refuse to make half of it animation, as much as I love animated shows).

I also have never seen most "classic" shows (Twin Peaks? is that a porno?), and have never gone back to watch anything before the 90s, so mock my list if you must. I'll just cry into my chips...
no order and more than 10:

The Honeymooners
WKRP in Cincinnati
Northern Exposure
Fawlty Towers
Monty Python's Flying Circus
The Office (UK)
Mad Men
Six Feet Under
The Avengers
The Prisoner
Curb Your Enthusiasm
All in the Family
This Week in Baseball

and 30 Rock, unless something goes bad before the show goes off the air. but it'll have to be something really, really bad.
Like hooch said, in no particular order and more than ten:

Fawlty Towers
The Addams Family
Leave It To Beaver
The Outer Limits (Original... not the crappy later series)
The Twilight Zone
The Sopranos
Curb Your Enthusiasm
Bill Moyer's Journal
In Concert
The Civil War
The Shield
All In The Family
Dancing With The Stars (kidding)
The Munsters
(The first two seasons of) Lost (after that it got all soap opera-ish)
Paul Winchell / Jerry Mahoney / Knucklehead Smiff Show (I think it was called Winchell Mahoney Time)
Sesame Street (wasn't around when I was a kid, but watching it with my kids when they were younger made me appreciate it)
In no particular order:

The Sopranos
The Simpsons
Fawlty Towers
The Sherlock Holmes series, with Jeremy Brett
Six Feet Under
Curb Your Enthusiasm (It's just started over here. I watched Season 1, episode 8 tonight on TV. We've had a Danish version of it for years though but it just is'nt as good as the original)
The Office (both UK and US version)
Family Guy
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also, not in order...

Three's Company
The Munsters
South Park
The Sopranos
Punky Brewster(no kidding, I was in love with Soleil Moon Frye!)
The Adams Family(I want to name my first kid Wednesday, boy or girl!)
21 Jumpstreet
Saved By The Bell! (it was my developmental years)
My Three Sons
China Beach
The original Star Trek
Benny Hill
Laugh In
All in the Family
The Simpsons
Kung Fu
I gave up on television last year when The Man required me to buy converter boxes and antennae and secret decoder rings and passwords just to fuckin watch TV </rant>

But I enjoyed a few that I wouldn't mind collecting on DVD someday...

(in no particular order)
The Twilight Zone
St. Elsewhere
The Simpsons

Special Mention to The West Wing episode "Two Cathedrals". If there is a television writer alive today who wants to try and top that, go right ahead.
Little Britain
Curb Your Enthusiasm
Two And A Half Men
The King Of Queens
Everybody Loves Raymond
Married With Children
Family Guy
Beavis & Butthead
1. The Wire
2. Twin Peaks
3. Dexter
4. The Andy Griffith Show
5. Family Guy
6. Monty Python's Flying Circus
7. SNL (the good years):)
8. The Twilight Zone
9. Malcolm in the Middle
10. Breaking Bad
Shit, I forgot Dexter! Great show, great show. And they made a really smart decision not to go along with the book series...
LickTheStar - I left off The Shield. Hooked on this series to the final. Really upset with......(spoiler and I'll PM you). Kind of ruined it for me. But it is perhaps what makes the series so brilliant that such a reaction was present to begin with. Funny you mention the marathon viewing - spent nearly 12 hours once downing an entire season of this show (with a bit of help from J.W. Dant, so what, I'm cheap) and was completely captivated.
1. Northern Exposure
Curb Your Enthusiasm
In Concert
Kung Fu
Six Feet Under
The Honeymooners
The Office (UK)
The Simpsons
The Sopranos
Twin Peaks
I concur.

I would add:

30 Rock​
Alfred Hitchcock Presents​
Felicity (because I'm a fag)​
My So-Called Life (see: fag)​
Sanford and Son (come on man, one of the funniest shows ever)​
South Park​
The Carol Burnett Show​
The Mary Tyler Moore Show​
The Twilight Zone​

I seem to have gone beyond 10.
Malcolm in the Middle
Andy Griffith Show
The Bob Newhart Show (both)
News Radio
Breaking Bad
60 Minutes
Late Show with David Letterman
Northern Exposure
I Love Lucy
The Dick Van Dyke Show
I would also like to add Mythbusters and South Park. I would consider Scrubs if Seasons 4, 6, 7, and 8 weren't complete trainwrecks and\or rehashes of earlier seasons...
Not in order from germany
King of Queens
Two and a half men
Six feet under
Nitro Circus
And three fom my daughter Lil`Lizzy
Harpers Island
Orange Country Choppers
I forgot:

Freaks and Geeks
Gilmore Girls
and the first 2 seasons of Happy Days.

and like dr. love, both versions of Bob Newhart's show.

I have not seen Deadwood or Carnivale or Dexter. I'll have to change that.
I have not seen Deadwood or Carnivale or Dexter. I'll have to change that.
You are in for a treat. But you should know that Deadwood and Carnivale had their plugs pulled before wrapping up their story lines. That is frustrating, but both are great, atmospheric trips. The language in Deadwood is particularly juicy. And no, not because every other word was cocksucker, but because of gems like this:

"Whatever lurks ahead of grievous abominations and disorder, you and me walk into it together like always."

"I see you have that big knife and hid somewhere on your person, you probably got some sort of pussified shootin' instrument, but I am good at first impressions and you are a fucking cunt, and I doubt you fought many men, maybe one."

"Not for us, apparently, the placid harbor, on which voyages near complete, to bob and rock, bob and rock, becalmed. For us, to the very end, the dizzying surges of the storm, and its crashing descents."

(Calamity Jane on General Custer) "He was no great fucking man. He was a long-haired cocksucker that could've saved many lives by more drinking, and stop being so fucking ambitious, and many still above-ground, and not scalped by the fucking heathens and their guts spread over the Plains."

"If we're going to be surprised by that, boys - government being government - will we next be shocked by the rivers running and the trees casting fucking shade?"

"The noise is terrible, isn't it Mr. Ellsworth. Like Fate."

They don't come around like that very often. Why HBO pulled the plug is a mystery and quite possibly a crime.
Why HBO pulled the plug is a mystery and quite possibly a crime.

I was told by a guy who worked on the show that David Milch decided he wanted to do something else... something even better than Deadwood. That's how we got the immortal classic John from Cincinnati.
Oh, that's right. I think you mentioned that here too.

Now, John from Cincinnati - there was a classic! Quite an achievement to produce a show with 30 or 40 characters and have not one of them be the least bit likable or sympathetic. What a mouldering puddle of stale puke that was. And to do it instead of finishing what could have been a classic just makes it that much more heinous.
2. The Singing Detective (BBC)

3. Pennies From Heaven (BBC)
Now, John from Cincinnati - there was a classic! Quite an achievement to produce a show with 30 or 40 characters and have not one of them be the least bit likable or sympathetic. What a mouldering puddle of stale puke that was. And to do it instead of finishing what could have been a classic just makes it that much more heinous.

Yep, a piece of shit for sure. You forgot to mention that nothing of any interest happens in it at any time. Probably the worst HBO series ever.

lucky louie

Another really good show that HBO killed.
lucky louie
chronic said:
Another really good show that HBO killed.
Ah, no doubt. I enjoyed that. A grimy apartment-based show ala The Honeymooners.

Funny thing about HBO - they could, in theory, let any show run for as long as the producers will produce it. They look at ratings, but they are not bound by them the way broadcast outlets are. You either buy HBO or you don't. With the thousands of hours of space they have every month (over their dozen different channels), you would think they could afford 6 or 7 hours to present shows that may take a while to catch on.

Many of the classic shows mentioned repeatedly in this thread were not immediate hits, and took two or three years to find an audience (Northern Exposure, M*A*S*H and The Simpsons being prime examples).
You guys sure have watched a lot of series over the years. I had a fucked up childhood (read TV-deprived childhood; well, we had a TV set, but we did not have an antenna!) and I didn't see any series when I was a kid. Trying to catch up with you now, but I bet it won't be easy ;)
I like to watch a lot of old (and bad) tv series like:

Mr. Bean
The A-Team
Murder she wrote
All in the family
Married with children
The singing detective
The onedin line
The young ones
In no particular order:

Captain Future (a long time ago)
Drawn Together
Schimanski Tatort (Gätz George playing the main character Schimanski, a nutty police inspector)
Berlin, Berlin
Rote Erde
Nonstop Nonsens
120 minutes (was it a series? I have no idea, but the best music show MTV has ever done.)
Nieuws voor doven en slechthorenden (I'm going silly now but I really enjoyed watching that when I was kid. Dutch cable tv was great anyway.)
Fawlty Towers (in English. I love you. Whatever your subtitles meant.)
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Derrick und Tatort were good yeah.

Here is a persiflage on Derrick (for the members who are able to understand German.)

[This video is unavailable.]
Thank you, Ponder, that was fun. The classical parking lot scene aka "Harry, fahr schon mal den Wagen vor", the slowness and lack of emotions Derrick had, the fake philosophy- a good persiflage.
in no particular order

nowhere man
grey's anatomy (i'm a fag?)
gilmore girls (i'm definitely a fag)
freaks and geeks
the cosby show
whose line is it anyway (the british version)
scrubs (the first couple of seasons)

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