Tower Records Video Late '70-71 (1 Viewer)

Looks like they still had classical in the store then. What's funny is after they opened another store across the street just for classical, the main store still looked like that. I started going there in 1984 and it was pretty much still all vinyl and tape. They had one rack of CDs.

It was a great store, for sure. But even though it was packed with records, you still had to go to other stores if you wanted a bigger selection of imports (or bootlegs - hello, Rhino) or used records (Aaron's). But the great thing about Los Angeles is there were about 10,000 record stores, so whatever you wanted, someone had it somewhere.

PRICE CHECK! McCartney was new and it looks like they had it on sale for $3.33, which is $20.45 today! Most of the rock records were $3.55 ($21.80), and $0.99 for a single = $6.08. Kind of funny that you can still buy a single for $0.99, even if it is digital.
I found this video linked at another site I frequent, and someone posted about working at a Tower somewhere (possibly, LA; maybe not) and around the mid-'80s, where the CD selection was a single orange crate. So even the earliest CDs had a binding smell a la our current day book bindings. It's a proven fact now that it's on the interweb.

But seriously, look at all those copies of All Things Must Pass; some ~40 copies high. I'm glad I didn't buy the copy on the bottom of one of those stacks (then again, maybe I did).

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