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Received this in the mail today. Bukowski --as Editor of Harlequin--was invited to comment in the " Editor's Write" pages and I find his Commentary HILARIOUS ( he's being satirical, isn't he??).
This is the only time I had to resort to my online dictionary. . . "rifacimento"??!!
I've also included Olivant House 2-page add ( dated dec 1958) that says they have new work from Bukowski ( and others) " enough material on hand for several fine issues to be printed immediately. . . "
Interesting , but does anyone know if Olivant ever published Bukowski? I read somewhere that Olivant folded after issue 7( probably early 60s?)
Anyway, I really enjoyed editor Charles Bukowski's spin on the little mag scene ( and added some new (but perhaps useless) words to my vocab.
Hope you enjoy!

-- Days

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This is the only time I had to resort to my online dictionary. . . "rifacimento"??!!
He also liked to use braggadocio
(quite a lot). Many people (David Stephen Calonne for instance) believe Buk was more educated/well-read than he cared to show.
And he loved to slip in a strange word in his stuff now and then (it was mentioned here many a time).

Thank you for yet another nice magazine, Days.
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For what it's worth, Rexroth has done a number of good translations of older dynasty Chinese Poetry. And some Jazz on its own is great. But the combination is asking for trouble.
In the letters somewhere (believe in Screams from the Balcony) Bukowski calls Rexroth a "sunken-jawed subnormal".

I always have to think about this whenever I read or see Rexroth now :D
Your memory is astounding!
guy wrote me the other day about an old review Rexroth did of me. I never saw it. something like, “Bukowski a great writer? nope. a pretty book…” he drags in Hemingway on me and then says that as a bum I know my business but that Ernie mingled with Artists and writers of his time, kicked around the continents…maybe you saw it and never showed it to me. a pretty book? why, that sunken-jawed subnormal!
(Screams from the Balcony, to Jon and Louise Webb, June 15, 1968)

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