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Before I say anything else, I have already read through this tread and found numerous posts about locating literary criticism on Bukowski

Despite how stupid this sounds to others, I am having a lot of trouble understanding how to write about critical reviews on Bukowski.
I am writing a research paper on him and that has to be one of the topics with three points about it.

If somebody could just give me an idea of what to look for...
really any help here would be greatly appreciated.

You could focus on Bukowski as a voice for the downtrodden in America or you could write about the European aesthetic and influence in his writing, which makes him better understood in European literary circles.
Try it like this:

He changed the voice
of poetry forever.

A free form writer, who broke
the rules of poetry writing.

Poetry will never ever look,
or sound the same.

Now go do your homework,
and tell us why. . . ;)

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