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Really looking forward to this upcoming film from the Coen Bros. Great cast (good to see Bridges in another western) and, well, it's a Coen film and that's good enough for me to rouse interest. Love the original (one of the few Wayne films I really like - the other being The Searchers) and do hope the Coen boys retain the flavor of the dialogue found in the original that I've always found interesting. Ned Pepper: I never busted a cap.... Where would hip gangbangers be without that line? :biggrin: I do doubt the role 1st played by Kim Darby will be improved upon though.

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Let's hope it's a good one. I too liked the old version and the follow-up movie too ("Rooster Cogburn"?). "The Searchers" is a classic, one of Wayne's best movies, they say.
Speaking of Wayne, this month it's the 50th anniversary of his movie, "The Alamo", which he both produced and directed, and starred in, so there's a lot happening in San Antonio to celebrate it, such as a gala event at the Alamo, a showing of the movie at the Imax theater (very big screen), visit to the movie set, which still stands, etc. It all lasts three days.
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From what I have read, the new wrinkle will be that the Kim Darby character will be much closer to what she was in the original novel. A darker presence, more revenge-driven, less humorous... etc.. Sounds good to me. And I'm eager to see Bridges again after Crazy Heart.
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Hahaha! Yes, Wayne was a right-winger alright. I guess we'll have to separate the art from the artist's opinions and life style, otherwise there's a lot of movies and books we can't enjoy. Just think of Celine or Pound who were Nazi and fascist sympathizers.

I think the new True Grit movie sounds promising...
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