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True value of this? (1 Viewer)


I know the value is whatever someone is willing to pay for it, but the price for this seems a bit high, even at the opening bid.


Nice drawing with all those characters. If it's worth $1000 and the letter $500, then $1800 is "only" $300 too much, if you can get it for the starting bid, that is.
Yeah, Bukfan; you're right. At that level, is $300 too much more to pay? Maybe not if you really want it and can afford it. But most of my purchases are made with consideration of my mortality and where they'll be in terms of market value when I'm pushin' up the daisies (I don't want my wife working until she's 70+ if I can help it). Of course, we're all 1 second away from death in some context. Makes me wonder why I filled the gas tank in my car this afternoon.
1,000 for a drawing? Not these days. Not even close.
We've seen oil-paintings go for much less than 2,000. We've seen hand-corrected manuscripts (signed, dated) go for way under 800.
I think that drawing is great. I love it. So, it costs me $70 or so to fill my car, my metro card (NYC mass transit) runs $112 a month, I spend about $18-20 on lunch 5 days a week (yes I'm aware that's ridiculous) and about $6 bucks a day for coffee and breakfast.
So, using Purple's formula, if I die in the next second, I'll be able to afford it by early summer. Yay!!
For the pair I think the opening bid is reasonable. Is it high? Sure, but not unreasonable. The two pages together tell a story, and that always adds value. A stand-alone illustration is a pretty desirable thing, since you can frame it and stick it on your wall and a lot of people who see it will say, "Oh, Bukowski!"

I'm not sure you can compare illustrations with paintings, since the paintings aren't as characteristic as the drawings (fewer people would look at one of his paintings and say, "Oh, Bukowski!"). I suspect that the average Bukowski collector would prefer an illustration to a painting for that reason. I don't know.

Value is fluid, but if the statistics on bukowski.net are any indication, his popularity among young people is steadily increasing. In 10 years many of those young people will be working jobs that provide them with disposable income, and I think when that happens you are going to see the prices for the manuscripts and art - which have been pretty static for the past decade - rise.

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