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Hello, I'm translating a book from Spanish into English. At one point, the author quotes a French translation of B.'s work (poem or story I don't know): Tu as sûrement une chatte qui pue. This means: You must have a stinking cunt. But when I translate back to English, I'd like to get the exact words, not just the meaning. If anybody can point me to them I'd be most grateful.
Now I'm curious about the original too.

could produce a funny "quote" though: Translating from English into French, then from French into Spanish, and finally back to English from the Spanish.

at first I was thinking about a scene either in 'The great Zen wedding' or 'No stockings', in both of which he gets stinko and then insults two women, but it's neither of these.
I do remember now about the scene, where he says it, while unsuccessfully trying to seduce a woman. I have it absolutely present now, but got a total blackout on the source. The German translation would say something like: "I guess your cunts is stinking anyway" after him being dismissed.
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at first I was thinking about a scene either in 'The great Zen wedding'...

that's what i thought too. i checked it but no...

is it the scene in the charity ward where he says something crude to the nurse?

i'm off to check...

"erections..." p.135 - life and death in the charity ward:

"Your pussy stinks," I told her, "you belong in a Tijuana
whore house."
She lifted my head by the hair and slapped me hard across the
left side of my face and then backhanded me across the right.
"Take that back!" she said. "Take that back!"
"Florence Nightingale," I said, "I love you."
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Maybe from 'Erections...' / 'Tales of Ordinary Madness' ('Contes De La Folie Ordinaire') story "The Birth, Life and Death of an Underground Newspaper".

"Look, Gramps, the only thing we want to see you raise is a North Vietnamese flag!"
"Ah, your pussy probably stinks anyhow!"
"Oh, you are a filthy old man! You really are ... so disgusting!"

I believe that was a popular title in France.
I do remember this piquant line from Barfly-to Eddie.
Henry-"your mother's cunt stinks...like carpet cleaner."
Perhaps another idea for a "theme" book.

d gray

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hank solo's sounds more likely.

hopefully johnfb will come back and solve "the mystery of the stinky pussy" for us...

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