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I picked up on Celine from Bukowski and must say Journey to the End of the Night is probably the best book I have ever read. I have followed up on a lot of the authors Bukowski frequently mentions, but never Turgenev. Basically I am looking for a starting point, anything you'd recommend, or if you happen to know what Bukowski liked, a particular novel, or short stories, etc.
A Sportsman's Sketches and Fathers and Sons I'd highly recommend. Not sure Bukowski ever pointed out any one Turgenev piece he favored (seem to recall him mentioning Fathers and Sons at some point but that could be a case of projecting).
Bukowski mentioned Turgenev now and then in his poems and in his letters.

In a letter to John Martin: "Thank God and the angels and the collected works of Turgenev!"
(Living on Luck.)

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