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"So fuck Doubleday Doran"
I think it's lonely at the top.

I mean, what else is really good except The Sopranos?

Erik posted about Lillyhammer in another thread, the series bores me.
Many series put me asleep: Prison Break was not too bad until they escaped.
I kept watching the second season but then it was over for me. One big stupid hunt.

I tried to watch 2 or 3 episodes House of Cards. Not my piece of cake.

Too many bad series to mention.

I'm watching Luther now, not too bad but too much unnecessary violence.

Recommendation, anyone? No, not Sons of Anarchy, I didn't like it.
True Detective

I'm just now getting into it and I've only watched two. It moves slow, but there's just something about it...

Also, have you seen Breaking Bad? I was not at all into it at first. Didn't see why everyone made such a big fuss about it. Then mjp and I watched it in a giant marathon and were absolutely riveted the entire way through. Great show. I guess we are sheep like the rest of em.
Thanks, Erik. I'll give it a chance.

And thank you Carol, the content is promising. I like it slow.

Edit: I also didn't understand why most people I know are such big fans of Breaking Bad.
I watched a few episodes and that was it. I can't exactly explain why BB was a turn off.
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Oh, hell yes.

It's over now, and the last four episodes are here on the DVR, but I can't bring myself to finish it.

And I'd have to disagree with the idea that it's lonely at the top. The one hour (and even half hour) TV thing has never been stronger than it is right now (and in the last 10 years or so). I could list a lot of shows that I think of as on-par with (or better than) The Sopranos. But I think we've talked them to death in other threads.

Two that are still ongoing but aren't talked about very much (but that I really like) are Copper and Vikings. I'm with you on Lilyhammer though. I couldn't get into the groove of that one. If it has a groove.
I guess I missed those many posts about really great series. Can you name a few?

Lillyhammer reminds me of those Tiroler movies , if you know what they are.
If not, look it up, just for fun.
I guess I missed those many posts about really great series. Can you name a few?
Here are a few. ;)

30 Rock
American Horror Story
Big Love
Boardwalk Empire
Breaking Bad
Curb Your Enthusiasm
Flight Of The Conchords
Hit & Miss
Mad Men
Masters of Sex
Northern Exposure
Nurse Jackie
Orphan Black
Ray Donovan
Six Feet Under
Sons of Anarchy
The Office (UK version)
The Sheild
True Detective
United States of Tara
Wonder Showzen
I was going to give True Detective a pass because do I really need another police procedure show on my tv?

I'm hooked. Matthew McConaughey is excellent. It's like a cop show with a Twin Peaks vibe.
If you are going to watch Treme, you can't watch with out the guide - 'Treme' Explained. It has a vast wealth of information about local politics and New Orleans celebs and musicians that appear in each episode that you might otherwise miss. I would watch each episode when it first aired on Sunday night and then go to the NOLA site first thing the next morning to read Treme Explained and rewatch the episode from my Tivo.
What's Veronica Mars?

if i try to explain the plotlines it'll sound stupid ("teen girl detective!"), but it's on prime instant play if you have it. it's REALLY funny and quite engrossing. but then, i also love gilmore girls and grey's anatomy, so don't listen to me.
I should mention that Carnivale, Deadwood and Hit & Miss were all canceled or otherwise ended before their stories are "finished." So if the lack of a satisfying ending bothers you, you might want to stay away from those. But they're all very good, what there is of them.
If you like Sopranos then you should watch Boardwalk Empire too. That's another great gangster series taking place in the 1920's - 30's during prohibotion starring Steve Buscemi (who played Sopranos cousin).
Six Feet Under is another great series and so is Deadwood, which is a hard boiled western series.
If you want some funny series, I´ll recommend The Office (there's both an English and an American version of the series) and
Curb Your Enthusiasm. I first watched Curb Your Enthusiasm on TV and it was so funny I had to buy the whole series on DVD.
If you like Sherlock Holmes, you should watch the new series called Sherlock which takes place in the present time. It's got great reviews and being a Sherlock Holmes fan myself I just had to buy the series on DVD (they're still making new episodes).
By far the best series at the moment is "Game of throwns" iv finished season 3 but think 4 is out now.
"Walking dead" is o.k its what we call a weather day offshore, somthing to take up time when all the good shits been watched.
Anyhow still cant beat "south park and family guy" for abit of easy fucked up humor. If u can call them a series.
carnivale and deadwood are both worth watching, even though they never get a proper finish. one of the great crimes in tv that deadwood was cancelled - deserved at least a few more seasons.

hit and miss is good but really fucking grim.
I really loved the UK series House of Cards, with the follow up To Play the King and The Final Cut.
First shown around the time Thatcher was being ousted by her own party, all about ambition, power and corruption, Macbeth style.
It was gripping but in an, understated way - like real power I suppose, all the more malevolent for it.

I know about the U.S version with Kevin Spacey, but haven't as yet looked it out on Netflix, scared in case it doesn't compare, but I do think Spacey is a terrific actor, pretty sure he can be as menacing as Ian Richardson was.

Two other series:
BBC - Nighty Night a very dark comedy - 12 episodes, brilliant. (2004)
Channel 4 - Peep Show (not what you think) in it's 8th series with a possible 9th Again a comedy, two hapless flatmates from their 20's - 30's, (but it's not Friends).
Don't miss Generation Kill, by the same guy who created Treme snd The Wire.
That series oughta curb anyone's enthusiasm for a career in the army.
The last episode. That shines a spotlight on something very annoying with these otherwise great series, and that is their pitifully short "seasons." It's great that they are quality productions and I know how much work goes into them. But eight or (at the very most) 12 episodes a year?

Jesus christ, back in the day the season would just be getting started at #12. They went for 7, 8, 9 months with a new show every week. Then they took the entire summer off to take drugs and buy cars and islands, and went back in the fall and did it all over again. Jackie Gleason would scoff at these fuckers! Lucille Ball would wipe the floor with them! Ha ha.

Seriously though, it takes eight episodes to even get into the grove with most of these shows. Which is probably why most people just wait until they end and watch all of the episodes during a weekend orgy of television. It's the only way to avoid be frustrated by getting into a story then having the story abruptly end.
I watched every episode twice, so that makes 14 hours+2 to come.

Which is probably why most people just wait until they end and watch all of the episodes during a weekend orgy of television. It's the only way to avoid be frustrated by getting into a story then having the story abruptly end.

I do the same, but unfortunately Carol had to mention True Detective on purpose.
It hurts!

A lot of people avoid their grief by using this tool:
or drinking a whole bottle of red wine within an hour or playing wordfeud 8 hours each day.
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"The Bridge" is edge of the seat shake the screen tension, although I could never work out when they were speaking Danish and when they were speaking Swedish (not that it matters, but hey). Season 1 is on Netflix in the UK, and Season 2 was on BBC iPlayer.

I really enjoyed most of the 4 seasons of the french legal/detective series Spiral as well, which is also on Netflix.

However, I also thought Season 2 of Lillehammer is everything Season 1 should of been. It dropped trying to have serious moments and instead went for the surreal comedy route and played it brilliantly, by the end I really didn't want it to end, whereas I'm not sure if I even finished watching all of Season 1.

A couple of Game of Thrones thingies: one of the actresses used to come in the film memorabilia shop I worked in as she was friends with my boss, and due to her height and androgonous appearance it always felt like a scene from Bowie's "The Man Who Fell to Earth".

In addition to this, part of Series 1 (and maybe later shows) was filmed on the island of Gozo where I used to live, and I happened to have just started watching the show when I stumbled upon a vast film set whilst out looking for a bar. It was very surreal!
i enjoyed that but it also totally bummed me out, because it just reminded me all over again how shit it was that we only got a couple seasons. but a good primer for anyone who's thinking about watching the show.
Well that just makes me want to see it again.
Speak of the devil and in he walks! I flipped over to HBO around 2 a.m. and lo and behold, they are showing the entire Deadwood series. I caught it in the middle, so I've been downloading them via on demand.

Tell Your God to Ready for Blood!

Now I just have to find 36 spare hours to watch it again.
FX seems to be intent on becoming the new HBO (and now Showtime) as far as these kinds of shows are concerned. Sons of Anarchy, The Americans, American Horror Story, Justified, The Bridge and now Fargo. Louie is also great, but it's a half hour comedy (sort of).

Silicon Valley is coming up (created by Mike Judge), which looks promising, Vikings is on again, Orphan Black and Mad Men are starting up again - Shameless - watching Deadwood again (instead of sleeping) for no sane reason - jesus, it's all too much. An innocent person could wear a permanent ass groove into their couch with all this nonsense. But so much of it is too good to ignore...
I like Person of Interest.
Can't put my finger on why.
Maybe thats the reason.

The comedy Brooklyn nine-nine has been thru an impressive first season.
Andre Braugher's deadpan deliveries make every episode worth it's watching.

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