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it's a long list but this one got me thinking about it...

[This broken image link for Man Vs. Food is a good example of why you shouldn't use an image to say what words can say. We now return you to your regularly scheduled program. -ed.]
mjp watches that. i outed him!

worse, i watch america's next top model.

and i have a long list of guilty pleasures too.
the bachelor/bachelorette.

i'm a sucker for watching 'beautiful' (although that is always debatable with some of the contestants) people act like retards.
Just eat something deep fried, covered in half a pound of chili with a fistful of cheddar cheese melted over it and try to forget about the whole issue.
i LOVE those shows, dog with the bow tie! in fact here are more of the stupid, sick shows i love:

criminal mindscape, snapped, the shift, i survived, anything about a serial killer or a homicide unfolding with a police and/or forensic investigation. i love it when they get caught and love to see interviews with them. i'm obsessed with shows like that and i think mjp feels a little nervous about it too, especially snapped.
I used to watch Cold Case Files everyday in Holland. Here I watch The Antique Roadshow, 2 and a half men, Extreme Surgery. I like shows where they can fix something that does not work.:D
Does it have to be something currently running? Pretty damn embarrassing to admit my past addiction to this show:

Love Connection.jpg
I may be the only one, I wouldn't think so... But I'll go ahead and admit, I only watch TV these days for two shows....

The Jersey Shore (sorry, sorry, BUT IT'S A FNG train wreck, and if nothing else, funny)

The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Hey, but really, not sure how embarrassed I am to say I watch those two shows since I seemingly throw them into any conversation on any given day where ever I may be! WHOA!
I last had cable tv in 1993 when I moved back to Boston from Connecticut. My wife and I just got cable back in August and I've been watching all sorts of stuff on the cooking channels. Man v Food is great. Chopped, Iron Chef (both), Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives...etc. I generally avoid the overly instructional shit because I'd rather get weird ideas from these other shows and then go try something on my own.

Maybe tomorrow I'll try a daikon, cream soda, duck bunghole and fruit loops dinner.
I used to watch Cold Case Files everyday in Holland.
Those are American cold cases of course. Crime doesn't exist in Holland.

Funny thread, d gray.

Once a year I watch the movies You've got mail
and Sleepless in Seattle.

I try to watch the weekly golf tournements as often as possible.
The American tour (PGA) and the European tour.

That's pretty much it...
i was gonna say the maple leafs but i stopped watching them altogether.

we have some crap up on our cable service such as "the fireplace channel" "the aquarium channel" and "the sunset channel" which i find very disturbing
hahahha! I'm soooo glad I'm not the only one who remembered that. Although was that not set up? I remember watching a few times and thinking, that was fake?
i sure hope not. a truly evil show.

talk about karma kicking you in the ass!
Big Love. How can you not be interested in watching a guy killing himself trying to keep three wives happy while making tons of money and fending off psychos from the compound?
Oh CS is still there like the fucking Queen. Even the guy who plays Ken Barlow, old whatshisname, who was on at the beginning is still there.

Funny that the EastEnders episodes that are on Vision are about three years old. One character, Ian, had an invitation to see the Queen but his daughter acted up by trashing their home with a big party. Inspiration -- Ian's old punk tape that included the Sex Pistols' God Save old whatshername.

God, these soaps!
old star trek episodes, they calm or dull the mind in some childish way, maybe its a vulcan thing...
I never miss Hell's Kitchen. My wife and I also watch (to varying degrees) about 13 episodes a week of Family Guy. I would guess that we've each seen most episodes at least a dozen times. We recite lines to each other in our sleep.
I can sing the theme songs to Hannah Montana and Zoey 101. My daughter loves the show and I have seem more than a few episodes. When they were wounger, they loved Barney, which we watched so many times that I memorized all those songs. now my youngest likes Barney, Elmo and Raffi.

Top that..

I still watch L.A. Ink religiously! I wasn't that ashamed of watching it a few years ago, but it seems sooo scripted and fake nowadays that, well it made this thread for me.
Really, I kinda like Raffi for what he is. not my thing, but there is a lot of kids entertainers that are much worse. Plus, he is Kinda like a moderate Muslim version of Cat Stevens.
I can sing the theme songs to Hannah Montana and Zoey 101...

Top that..
well, i can sing the theme and most of songs from yo gabba gabba and am on a first name basis with all the
major and incidental characters.

i guess that would be really embarrassing if i didn't have a kid to blame it on...
one of the greatest "bad" shows ever. unbelievable the mind-fucking done on this show.


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