Two apparently uncollecteds from Silver, 1972 (1 Viewer)

"Iron and Stone" and "Down on the Row" from Silver, 1972. Just found the mag on Ebay.


iron and stone is previously unknown (to the database, anyway). We have the manuscript for the other one.
That's mine. I compared "down on the row" to the manuscript and no changes... Not his best stuff (particularly for that time) but I'm glad someone posted it. Feel free to post any of my scans. Either my computer or I will die before I do anything more with them. It's not that I'm lazy or I'd post them here too. I just spend half my weekend getting them on eBay and I don't have much time left... My girlfriend is constantly complaining... and I don't blame her.

By the way, thank you to everyone who contributed to the database. I obviously could not identify anything that was uncollected or collected if it wasn't for this site. I am very grateful to all the work that has been put in to it. And trust me, not just from a sales perspective. I buy and sell just so I can see more... I actually have a decent day job, but it could never allow me to actually own everything. I really just want it for a week. Then I spend my weekends trying to send it back out there to someone else. Yes, I usually make a small profit, but that allows the next one to arrive in the mailbox. Anyway, thanks again.

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