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Here are two new articles on Bukowski published today:

2. https://alexanderadamsart.wordpress...humously-published-poems-by-charles-bukowski/

The first reviews On Writing and The Bell Tolls for No One and sets them in context. The second covers editorial problems with the posthumous collections. Regulars on this site won't discover anything particularly new but this is a chance to introduce outsiders to the editing issue.
Apologies for any mistakes you spot in them.
A pair of really fine articles.

"It stretches credulity to believe that Bukowski suddenly – in the last years of his life – started to amend his poems in ways that he had previously vigorously and frequently condemned."

"It is inconceivable that Bukowski was working in secret in a new mealy-mouthed style, meticulously rewriting previously published work and sending these rewritings to BSP, while at the same time allowing publication of poems in his established forceful style. This scenario lacks logic, credibility and evidence."

Thanks Alexander for intelligent review of Abel's and my recent volumes and MJP's invaluable work. And for all you Hustler fans, check out the November issue for a Buk story from The Bell Tolls for No One...

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Thanks for everyone's encouragement.
Ironically, I find out the subs have causing mischief. "He listened to Mahler and Tchaikovsky, not to mention rock music. " Of course, you and I know he didn't listen to rock music. What I wrote was "He listened to Mahler and Tchaikovsky, not rock music". Goddam - this must be the equivalent of Muphry's Law. Call it Adams's Law: any article excoriating bad editing will be badly edited....
since it isn't print, it should be easy for them to correct it.
ask them!
Done! As soon as I spotted it I got on to them.
Well, at least they didn't change Buk's sexual organs in the piece, I guess....
When I said "if you see any problems" I assumed it would be a slip or two on dates by me. I didn't figure the editors would fling in a few errors for the fun of it.
But the subs did us a favour - now we can all enjoy a revised second edition publishing of the article. Anyone want to print and bind copies?

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