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two bukowski hardcover firsts (1 Viewer)


lothario speedwagon
love is a dog from hell

betting on the muse

i'll sell either of these at the opening bid (through this site, not through ebay). if you want one or both for $275, just let me know via PM and i'll end the auction.

this is it for my bukowski sales - i've trimmed my collection down to a scant seven books. my favorite novel (ham on rye), my 2nd favorite novel (women), my favorite story collection (hot water music), my favorite poetry collection (war all the time), the first buk i ever got (captain is out to lunch), plus you get so alone (2nd favorite poetry collection), and heat wave (favorite book overall). the only buk book i want is a signed copy of 'last night of the earth,' since that's a really great collection as well. anyway, that's just me rambling. enjoy the auctions!

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