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One other mag that may be of interest that I recently purchased. " Two Charlies Number Three ( 1973) Contains four original Buk poems--two of which are often quoted and --in my opinion-- two of his finest 70s poetic creations and which subsequently appeared in his book collection "Burning In Water/ Drowning in Flame". The two poems alluded to are "People Never Go Crazy" ( " what terrible lives they must live ".. I believe last word changed to "Lead?") and "Nerves". ( ".. the guts it takes / to face the sunlight again"). Also included in this 70s issue are two excellent poems that have--to my knowledge--never been collected into a book or anthology.









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This is great! Thanks a lot for sharing.

An All-Charles magazine/issue. What the fuck. Luckily for them Bukowski wrote under his second name :wb:

When you think you've seen it all ...


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two excellent poems that have--to my knowledge--never been collected into a book or anthology...
in bed until noon with the poets is the only uncollected one I see here.

the nude dancer
is in Come On In!

Smiling, Shining, Singing
is in what matters most (where Martin thoughtfully changes Bukowski's characterization of himself as "a drunk" to "an asshole," in his valiant effort to remove references to drinking from Bukowski's work).


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Let's sum all this up:

Nerves and Some People Never Go Crazy* had been collected in Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame**; The Nude Dancer was "edited" and collected in Come On In!***; Smiling, Shining, Singing was "edited" and collected in What Matters Most Is How Well You Walk through the Fire***. That leaves In Bed Until Noon with the Poets***.
* the title was changed into "Some People"
** as Days runaway already noticed
*** as mjp already noticed

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