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Two Michael Montfort Bukowski photographs (real photos, not computer prints) (1 Viewer)


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Back in 2000 there was a gallery showing here in Los Angeles of Michael Montfort's Bukowski photographs. It was called BUKSHOT - you may have seen the postcards for the show on eBay, or maybe you saw the show. The set of photographs and ephemera from the show is available for $250.

These are real prints made from Montfort's negatives, not second generation copies or ink jet prints. This is basically the press kit that went out to print media in California.

Included are two different prints that are 5 x 7 inches each, borderless on glossy stock. They were made directly from Montfort's 35mm negatives. A postcard for the show (6 x 4.25 inches, in as-new condition). The press release for the show (the original press release is shown below, the press release that you will receive is a copy). Everything else is first generation genuine and comes with the bukowski.net stamp of approval. Your copy of the press release will likely be sent folded once, as the original is.

So that's:

1) 5 x 7 print: Carlton Way, Hollywood, 1982 (shown below)
1) 5 x 7 print: Schwetzingen, Germany 1978 (shown below)
1) Postcard for the show (6" x 4.25" - both sides are shown, but you get one card)
1) Copy of the original press release

Here's your chance to get two prints directly from Montfort's negatives. They are not huge signed prints, granted, but a large Montfort print is going to set you back a pretty penny (or two pretty pennies, now that he is no longer with us), and these smaller prints look great framed alone or with the card from the show.

So here they are. Send me a message if you are interested. How many Montfort prints have you had the chance to buy lately?





Pinning this thread so more people can see it. I'm a bit surprised that there isn't more interest in this. One day soon these will be gone and then everyone will cry big salty tears! Ha. Okay. Carry on.
yes, people! pick these up while you can. i did the first time around and haven't had the slightest hint of buyer's remorse...
me either.
they're the duck's pyjamas.

(that means I like them very much.)
Hey mjp...I dont know what i was thinking. These photos SUCK. What a waste of film....I hope you have didnt quit your day job. Dude...did you scrawl those bogus grafitos behind Bukowski? DICK!!!
Where the fuck is the 'Dislike' button?

I wish I "have didnt" read posts by fools like this.

The puppetmaster is still at it. Following Buk around painting walls, writing books on buk using female pen names.

And it took Gene Simmons to find you out.
It is way too late.

But I recently pulled the last few remaining sets from a dark cupboard where I'd forgotten I hid them, so maybe it's your lucky day. If spending money makes you feel lucky...

Send me a message.
@ozzyparkinson is smart, he bought a set.

These have been available (well, sitting in my cupboard, anyway) for more than five years now, and it still surprises me that more people aren't interested in them. Maybe you think they're too expensive. You don't have to message me, here's the price, you decide if it's too high or a bargain: $250. You don't even have to talk to me to buy a set, just PayPal the dough to: [email protected]. (If you're outside of the U.S. make that $275.)

If you're thinking, "Hey, that's twice the price they were originally!" You're right. That's what you get for procrastinating. You waited so long that the photographer died. You should feel terrible about that.

They're still a bargain at twice the original price. I don't get any of the money from these, so I'm not shilling to fill my own pocket. I just think it's a steal for two Montfort prints, even if they aren't huge.

Hey, you know what, I have a few huge Bukowski photo prints, and you know where they are? They're buried in a flat file. Not on my wall, because they're too god damn big to frame and put on the wall. These 5x7 prints are cool because you can actually hang them up without using a million square feet of wall space.

Okay, I'm not going to try to push these anymore. They are a great deal, they're here, if you want 'em, come and get 'em. If no one buys them in the next month or two they are going back to Mat, and then you'll never have a chance to own a Montfort print again without selling a kidney. And it'll serve you right to lose that kidney, you son of a bitch.
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I'm looking to buy an original photo of Bukowski (to frame). Anyone know where to purchase Michael Montfort prints of CB? Or other photographers? Thanks!

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