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two rare david barker books about bukowski (1 Viewer)


lothario speedwagon
i have two copies of each of the following for sale:

-charles bukowski, a bibliographic price guide. 1st printing, #43/200, signed w/a linoleum block print of bukowski tipped in. rusted staples, else fine. $55

-charles bukowski spit in my face. 1st printing, #8 of 20 signed copies; total run of 100. $75

free shipping to US, int'l shipping at cost. $120 gets you the pair.
I'll take the second set off your hands if you don't mind, Mr. jordan. You post this and Stickpin answers 4 minutes later. Serve him right if I get the lower numbers. :p It figures this Barker chap worms his way in to ending my self-imposed pouty exile from here.
Yikes! A market for my old stuff? Naw, it's a market for old Bukowski related books. Still, l I feel my head swelling.

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